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Reno/Sparks NV

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Weapons seized from Drug Cartels in Mexico.

My Christmas list

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I made this powerpoint for this week’s lesson - Regional/Iconic American Foods. I went back through and replaced all the text with my student’s reactions.

Reaction to New York Pizza: ACCURATE.

Anonymous asked: it's from the Ouija Board Ouija Board music video

Thanks, stranger

What is this from?

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: DonorsChoose helps teachers in Sparks, Nevada. You can too. ›


Like you, we are horrified and saddened by the recent shooting in Sparks, Nevada. That town, of course, holds a special place in our hearts, being the inspiration for the name of our space-western hero. This tragedy, like any perpetrated at a school and against children, leaves us outraged,…

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This is my favorite tweet of all time. Thank you.


Stay classy, Fletch.

Rocky 5 Fight Scene HD Full - YouTube ›

Nobody owns Tommy Gunn. Nobody. RIP




The video that needed to happen: Thomas the Tank Engine crash compilation.

I bet, in the writers room on this show, they all took it really seriously whenever someone suggested a crash.

The funniest part about this is that all these crashes would all be real life tragedies.

Thank you for this

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I wish I still had a Sega CD.

If other planets were at the same distance as our moon

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bob odenkirk yelling on MR SHOW montage. fuck literally everything else.

This made my day

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